Welcome to Hasenhausen, introducing our "long ears"

Mom, Dad, I want a pet! Oh, the bunnies are cute! These are also statements from children that many parents know well. Their manageable size, cuddly appearance, social nature and ability to be kept outdoors make dwarf rabbits extremely popular as pets. However, anyone thinking about getting a dwarf rabbit should keep in mind that even small animals can have big needs. Living alone? That is out of the question for dwarf rabbits. These extremely sociable animals need contact with conspecifics with whom they can share enclosures and food and with whom they can play, romp and “talk”. Dwarf rabbits should therefore never be kept alone, but always in pairs or in a group.
Our four rascals live in a group at the Friedrichshof and have a great time together. From their apartments in Hasenhausen, they always have the Friedrichshof playground in full view. The best time for the animals is when the children visit them in Hasenhausen. Because then there is usually something delicious to eat! What they like best – hay, vegetables, herbs, natural branches, small amounts of fruit. Rabbits live between five and ten years.


Feeding rabbits in our childcare program

We try to teach the children that animals are not just there for fun and games, but that they are living beings for which responsibility must be taken and cared for. With us, the children have the opportunity to get very close to the animals, to hand the food to the rabbits themselves and to watch them eat. In this way, your little ones learn playfully and in the process to take responsibility and care for another living creature.