Work with wood and natural products

A visit to the wood workshop is the ideal outing for your child! The children learn a lot about the responsible and safe use of tools and get a good introduction to various craft techniques (for example, sawing, drilling, gluing, treating surfaces, hammering, and much more). They bring home something they have made themselves, as a toy for themselves or as a gift for their parents. The special feeling of having created something themselves and according to their own ideas gives the children self-confidence and makes them proud.

Why choose a family hotel with children's wood workshop?

Working with wood and other natural products is a great way to acquire skills such as fine motor skills, action planning, creativity and no limits. Many children do not have the opportunity to try their hand at crafts at home and so the vacation is a great opportunity to “get hands-on” with hammers and saws.

Lots of fun at fair prices

The cost of the program in the wood workshop for children is adapted to the theme of the day. If a large, elaborate wooden structure is being built, where your child will need a lot of materials, you will pay more than for a small wooden animal. However, at Friedrichshof you can expect our guests to pay less than if you book a course elsewhere where working with wood with children is on the agenda.

Action and fun - indoors and outdoors