An adventurous vacation for children

Boredom on vacation was yesterday – now you are at the Friedrichshof in the beautiful Franconian Switzerland and you will most likely have to ask yourself daily – what is my favorite thing to do today? Because our versatile and diverse program ensures that every day is an adventure. Every week we offer a wide range of games and activities especially for children between the ages of three and twelve. What’s important to us is that we don’t just want you to pass the time and let your parents relax, we want you to be able to try things that you might not do at home and that make you proud because you tried and succeeded. That you do not have to play with “the babies”, they have their very own care.

Outdoor adventures

Horseback riding



Familienhotel Friedrichshof - Reiten im Familienurlaub für die ganze Familie

Horseback riding

Geocaching Schatzsuche im Familienurlaub in der Fränischen Schweiz - Familienresort Friedrichshof





Familienhotel Friedrichshof - Quad fahren für Kinder und Erwachsene


Familienhotel Friedrichshof - Klettern


Learn to horseback ride at the Friedrichshof

Already within the framework of our childcare, guided riding is offered free of charge once a week (usually on Saturdays) for the little ones. If that is not enough, you can book additional riding lessons. How about a guided ride with the whole family? Horseback riding vacations in Bavaria are also fun for horse-loving parents who want to explore the countryside on horseback together with their children. At Friedrichshof we offer riding vacations for children and adults, for beginners and advanced riders. Individual riding lessons are also possible.

Childcare at Friedrichshof

Kids Club und baby supervision

What will the weather be like? The question of good or bad weather doesn’t really arise at Friedrichshof and certainly doesn’t cause boredom or a bad mood when it rains. Our hotel with childcare offers a diverse program of games for the kids in any weather. In the Kids-Club, the little ones can play in the wooden play kitchen, go shopping in the walk-in store, read on the cuddly sofa or do handicrafts at the large creative table. The Kids Club is located in a large, bright and friendly room with a fantastic view of the beautiful green Trubach Valley, which makes you want to explore nature. Whenever the weather is right, we always go outside with the children.

Action and fun - indoors and outdoors