Sauna area in Friedrichshof

After a long, exciting day of vacation, there is nothing better than relaxing your body and mind in the pleasant warmth of our saunas. Refresh yourself before and after in our Indoor Pool, which is adjacent to our sauna area. The kids can splash and play in the pool while you enjoy the soothing warmth and atmosphere of the saunas or infrared cabin.
The visit to our sauna facilities is for you from 14:00 until 20:00 free of charge! At other times we allow ourselves to charge a small surcharge.

Finnish sauna - pure relaxation!

The Finnish sauna is the traditional way to relax. At around 90 degrees and several infusions, the body starts to sweat and purifies.

Infrared heat cabin

You can enjoy the beneficial effects of infrared at 40°C already. For preventive or healing processes, it is not the high temperatures but the deep heat that can be absorbed by the body that is of great importance.

Franconian solid wood steam sauna

Made of branch-free Franconian spruce wood and equipped with changing light, our steam sauna is a treat for your soul.

Remember to bring with you for your visit to the sauna

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