A vacation adventure of a special kind. The sport is suitable for everyone, the starting age is about seven years. Previous experience is not necessary and there are no special physical requirements. We provide the complete equipment, so that everyone can start with suitable equipment.


The courses are suitable for everyone. Previous experience is not required and special physical requirements are not necessary. The complete equipment is provided, so that laymen do not have to be afraid to stand there without suitable equipment. The starting age is about seven years. So there is nothing to stop your children from enjoying this special kind of vacation adventure. You see – nothing can stand in the way of fun.

Action beim Bogenschießen, für Kinder und Erwachsene Erlebnisse und Aktivitäten für die ganze Familie - Familienresort Friedrichshof in der Fränkischen Schweiz, Bayern

Archery course activities

archery courses

We offer a small introductory course in the world of archery 1-2 times a week. Come by and experience your first experience of archery with us.

Fun and adventure guaranteed!

Action and fun - indoors and outdoors