Geocaching is also called the modern scavenger hunt or scavenger hunt 2.0. The adventure search is a lot of fun and provides excitement. Geocaching is suitable for young and old, nature lovers, technology freaks and every season. The GPS treasure hunt exists all over the world and combines nature and technology, which also makes it very educational.

Geocaching - What is it about?

The goal of geocaching is to track down a hiding place in unknown terrain. There lies a “cache”, usually a small container with a log book and often a small gift inside. If you like, you can sign the book and take the present with you as a souvenir. Among geocachers, it is a point of honor to leave another gift. What you need for this – a smartphone or GPS device.

Geocaching, Erlebnisse und Aktivitäten für die ganze Familie in der Fränkischen Schweiz - Familienresort Friedrichshof

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