Introducing our horses and ponies

Mom, Dad, I want to go horseback riding! I really want a pony! Many parents know these sentences from their child. And who hasn’t dreamed of playing an Indian and galloping across the steppe on a real pony as a child? Riding exerts a great fascination on many children. But riding alone is not enough, the horses and ponies have to be taken care of, which is often forgotten.

At the Friedrichshof, children and adults get an insight into the joint activity of the rider with his horse or pony.

Johnny, the cuddly one

“My name is Johnny and I am a Haflinger. Since I am the biggest at Friedrichshof, larger people can also enjoy their horseback riding vacation on my back. I especially like it when children pet and groom me. I love to spend my free time with my herd in the paddock, because there I am the boss.”

Harry Potter, the imaginative one

“I used to be Harry the therapy horse. Now I live at the Friedrichshof and I don’t let anything upset me. I am especially characterized by my cozy nature and am also very patient with novice riders. We can go for a ride together through the beautiful Trubach valley. This is especially fun for me!”

Vroni, the active one

“I’m Vroni, a friend of Johnny’s. On the course and in the cross-country I do a great job. Both our smaller and bigger riders have a lot of fun with me. I am looking forward to making your riding vacations an unforgettable experience. My calm and friendly nature makes me a real treasure when dealing with children.”

Daika, the noble one

“Hello, I am Daika, a Konik mare and my breed is originally from Poland. Do you know that Konik means “little horse”? Pfff, but I have a height of 1.40 m and I am not small at all! My ancestors were always used as work and carriage horses. I am much better off at the Friedrichshof. I am happy to carry our small and large guests on my back.”

Sissy, the funny one

“I share my name with a famous empress from Austria. Here at the Friedrichshof I look forward to welcoming you to pony riding. Together with my pony friends I inhabit the open stable next to the goats and donkeys. There we have room to romp around as we please.”

Loki, the curious one

“My name is Loki and I am a very rare, miniature American pony. I may be the smallest of the herd here, but I’m still the boss in the pony stable. The smallest ones can make their first riding experiences on my back. I like to go for walks with you through forests and across meadows. But here you have to be careful, because no blade of grass is safe from me :-)”

Bonia, the beauty

“Hello, my name is Bonia and I am the youngest of the bunch at 5 years old and a Welsh Mountain Pony. Do you know what my breed is said to be? We are very persistent and robust, but also intelligent and cheerful. Oh yes, and when do you think I am at my happiest? When the many children at Friedrichshof pet me extensively.”

Keks, the cheeky one

“Hi, I’m Keks and I’m one of the youngest horse children at Friedrichshof. I really like pony walks with the kids, but I like our mares at the farm the most. My home country is Hungary. Do you know what the biggest mountain there is called? – Kékes! Hihihi, that almost sounds like my name. I’m not as tall as a mountain, but with a stick measurement of 95 cm, I’m the perfect size for small riders.”

Horse riding vacations with the family in Bavaria

Already as part of our childcare program, guided horseback riding is offered free of charge once a week (usually on Saturdays) for the little ones. If that is not enough, you can book additional riding lessons. How about a guided ride on one of our horses with the whole family? Horseback riding vacations in Bavaria are also fun for horse-loving parents who want to explore the countryside on horseback together with their children. At Friedrichshof we offer riding vacations for children and adults, for beginners and advanced riders. Individual riding lessons are also possible.

On Sundays our horses and ponies have some free time!