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Located in the middle of the city triangle Bayreuth-Nuremberg-Bamberg, our family hotel in Obertrubach is the perfect starting point for visiting numerous museums. You are spoiled with choices: Would you like to learn more about the geology and nature of Franconian Switzerland or dive deep into the history of Franconia, would you like to discover modern art with your kids or walk in the footsteps of outstanding personalities such as Albrecht Dürer or Richard Wagner? For all tastes and interests you will find the right museum in the vicinity of the Friedrichshof.

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Museums provide an effective way to learn; they are also called world exploration sites. For children, visiting a museum is an important experience that lasts a lifetime. Activities play an essential role in experiences and memories. Looking and listening is not always enough. Trying things out for themselves is part of the experience, and many of the museums are now prepared for this.

Museen in der Fränkischen Schweiz, Erlebnisse und Aktivitäten für die ganze Familie - Familienresort Friedrichshof

Tüchersfeld Castle is the former lower castle of the medieval Niedertüchersfeld Castle, which no longer exists. The site, a complex of houses from the 18th century, is today called “Judenhof” and houses the Franconian Switzerland Museum. The special location below two steeply rising, prominent rock towers made the museum a landmark of Franconian Switzerland. Topics of the museum are geology, archeology, agriculture, rural living, traditional costume, folk piety, crafts, guilds as well as regional art. The synagogue from the 18th century is definitely worth seeing! The Franconian Switzerland Museum can look back on a long list of successful special exhibition projects.

Fränkische Schweiz-Museum Tüchersfeld
Am Museum 5, 91278 Pottenstein
Phone: +49 09242 1640

There are many exciting museums in Nuremberg, about a 50 min. drive from Obertrubach. Here you will find, for example, the Albrecht Dürer Museum, the Germanic National Museum, the Museum of Art and Design and many more. Especially recommended for children are the Toy Museum and the Museum of Communication: The permanent exhibition is prepared in a museum educational way with many exhibits to participate and try out yourself.

Museum of Communication, Germanisches Nationalmuseum and much more: Museums in Nuremberg

A trip to Bayreuth is worthwhile in every respect! Here you can stroll leisurely through the city and then choose from the multitude of museums. All areas are represented: Culture, history, art and lifestyle. For culture lovers, there is the newly designed Richard Wagner Museum and, outside the festival season, the impressive Festspielhaus to visit. Also, walk in the footsteps of composer and pianist Franz Liszt and writer Jean Paul, who lived here. Most interesting for the kids is the lovingly prepared primeval world museum in the city center. Here you can marvel at dinosaurs in original size! You can get an insight into Franconian beer brewing culture at Maisel’s Brauerei- und Büttnereimuseum.

Our tip: Visit the Bayreuth Museum of Art. Here, excellent exhibitions are regularly presented, which also open up new horizons for your children. Workshops and hands-on activities for kids are offered regularly at the MuseumsWERKstatt.

Primeval World Museum, Dinosaurs, Richard Wagner and Co: Museums in Bayreuth



The world heritage city of Bamberg attracts visitors with a rich offer of museums for young and old. Did you know that the inventor of the world-famous Levi’s jeans comes from Buttenheim near Bamberg? Visit his birthplace there with the Levi Strauss Museum and learn all about the history of jeans. For little naturalists and young scientists, the Natural History Museum is the place to be. Marvel at the 200-year-old collection of different kinds of fruit, formed from wax, and discover fossilized fish, turtles, snake dinosaurs and other prehistoric sea creatures from the 150-million-year-old Jurassic plate limestones of the Bamberg area. The exhibition of the Museum of Natural History is especially suitable for families with children.

The first jeans, prehistoric sea animals and so on: Museums in Bamberg

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