We write CHILDCARE "in capital letters"

Enjoy the vacation with family, keep the kids busy, but at the same time have time for yourself to relax and recharge your batteries? No problem! To make sure you have a good time, we offer all-round worry-free childcare at the Friedrichshof family hotel.

Your children can enjoy various activities with their new friends. And since they are cared for and kept busy 40 hours a week, you can devote yourself entirely to your relaxation or enjoy time with your partner. We create what is often not possible in everyday life – the balance between family time with the children and time for your own needs. We make sure that you spend a perfect vacation, where you and your family feel completely comfortable and experience unforgettable days with group and individual activities.

Childcare at Friedrichshof

Kids Club

Whether the sun is shining outside or the weather is grim – we have a versatile program for every weather. If it’s not so nice, we do handicrafts at the big creative table, read on the cuddly sofa, cook in the wooden play kitchen and before that, of course, we go shopping in the walk-in store. But whenever possible – we are outside!

Programs for the evening hours

Motto and family days

Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up and being someone else for once – the brave Indian, the fearless knight or perhaps a daredevil pirate. Our staff will take your children to another world. Another reason why the family hotel is the right place for you.

Action and fun - indoors and outdoors