Relaxed on vacation thanks to baby supervision

As exciting and thrilling as everyday life with a newborn little person is, at some point even young parents need a little rest and time for themselves. Treat yourself to a few beautiful and relaxing days with us, we at the Friedrichshof family hotel specialize in the needs of young parents, babies and children and you are all welcome here. So that you as parents do not have to think about changing diapers, feeding, onesies and pacifiers for a few hours, we offer baby and toddler care from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 – 12:00 (only outside the nationwide vacation periods, registration at least 24 hours in advance). You can trust that your child will be cared for lovingly, professionally and carefully.

Daycare club

The baby daycare is equipped with many baby-friendly, high-quality toys: from the cuddle and adventure blanket to the baby slide and wooden instruments for toddlers. Here, your little ones aged 0 to about 3 years can discover lots of new things. And you will also have fun outside – on the grounds of the Friedrichshof there is some play equipment especially for babies and toddlers, such as slide and swings.

Action and fun - indoors and outdoors