Quad & Motocross - Action guaranteed

Young racers watch out! At the Friedrichshof family hotel there is another attraction – a hotel-owned quad and motocross track! Ultimate driving fun, also for the adults who would like to prove their racing talent. We pay attention to safety and fairness in all driving activities. The children receive a detailed explanation of the vehicles and a briefing on how to handle them before they set off on the off-road course.

Quad & Motocross - what is that?

Quad and motocross are sports that are becoming increasingly popular. Who knows, maybe there is a world champion of tomorrow hidden in your little one? No matter if you and your child have already sat on a quad or motorcycle or if you just want to try it out – at Friedrichshof you have the opportunity! But what is the difference between the two sports? In both motocross and quad, you drive off-road vehicles in the outdoor area – in motocross with motorcycles, in quad you sit on four wheels.

On your mark, get set, go!

You have “gasoline in your blood”? Here you can prove it. Quad and motocross driving is super fun and exciting. We have special children’s quads, which are equipped with a little less horsepower than the adults. At the beginning we explain the technique as well as the operation.
It is important to us that the children know exactly how to control the vehicles, where start and stop, gas and brake are. This is the only way we can ensure that safety is not neglected in addition to fun. Well then – let’s hit the racetrack.

The equipment

Before going on the quad track, we choose the right helmet for the head size. Special protective clothing is not required. However, we recommend that the kids wear sturdy clothes that may also get dirty, for example, an old pair of jeans and an old T-shirt. It is important that the kids wear sturdy shoes, i.e. sneakers or trekking shoes or rubber boots.

Action for a small price

Recreational fun does not have to be expensive. 30 minutes with the children’s quad costs only 20.00 €, with the adult quad you are there with 35.00 € for 60 minutes. Motocross we offer only for children, but for the unbeatable price of 18 € for 30 minutes. In this way you can offer your children a real experience for little money. Motocross and quad guarantees sport and fun for the whole family.

Action and fun - indoors and outdoors