Adventurous vacations are also possible indoors at the Friedrichshof

If the weather doesn’t invite you to go outside, no problem, there are plenty of play and activity options indoors as well. The hayloft on the upper floor of our tollhouse, a climbing wall, foosball and a ping-pong table. Jump into the ball pool, prepare lunch in the wooden play kitchen, go shopping in the walk-in store, paint, do handicrafts or read, the selection is extensive. Whatever you feel like doing. If you just feel like lounging – we have a cozy blanket.

Indoor adventures


Wasserspaß im Familienurlaub für die ganze Familie, Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool, Schwimmkurse für Kinder und Babys - Familienresort Friedrichshof


Action im Heuboden mit frischen Heu und Klettergeräten, Erlebnisse für die ganze Familie im Familienurlaub - Familienresort Friedrichshof

hayloft & INDOOR playground

Childcare at Friedrichshof

Babybetreuung im hoteleigenen Betreuungsraum Wichtel-Club, Spielgeräte für Babys, Familienurlaub

Kids Club und Secret Santa Club

We are prepared for everything and have a versatile care program for any weather. Even the smallest ones are kept busy – with movement games, crawling and coordination exercises.

Action and fun - indoors and outdoors